Refugee Crisis

The Dreams of My Future

When I was just nine years old, I remember that I went to the hospital with my mom and saw a doctor dressed in a full white uniform. I looked at him and I said, “Mom, wow! That’s the best uniform ever and I really wish I could be able to wear the same uniform one day!

When I turned twelve years old, I still wanted to become a doctor and I was still dreaming about that goal. But then something happened. War happened. A genocide happened. An exodus happened. And I had to leave my school, my home, my friends, my neighborhood, and my country.

These were things that happened to me but they weren’t my choices. But guess what, I realized: 1. It wasn’t me that chose to leave my country. 2. It wasn’t me that chose to leave my friends and family. 3. It wasn’t me that I left my school. 4. It wasn’t me that immigrated to Europe… It was the war that decided. It was not me. Which means we literally had no other choice but to leave.

My sisters and I left with my mom to cross countless town, borders and countries. We were seeking a better life, actually a life in general. We were just trying to survive. Throughout these years of change in my childhood, I discovered how horrible war could be. I learned how war, no matter how much they took from me and me people, could never break me as long as I was alive. This is what kept me going.

It was during this time, I saw the true weakness of people and the true strength of people trying to survive the horrors of war. The one person I looked to for strength and who taught me strength was my mother. I thank my mom everyday and I love her so much for protecting us, for being for us, for raising us –sometimes on her own. In the world’s eyes, she’s my mom, but in my eyes, she is my whole world.

Now, after forcing to leave my country and living in a different country, I’ve developed a different dream. I am among different people, a different culture, with a different government and a different land. I don’t regret leaving and while I miss my country and my past, I am embracing this country and my future.

My dreams have shifted, but my hope is unwavering. I still keep a smile on my face and my trust and faith in humanity. The future holds so much promise for me and I believe that I am good enough and I’m staying strong. I am embracing all the beauty and amazing hope.

I will never give up on my dream as I know I can do anything and be anything I want to be if I go for it and keep love in my heart. Where there is a will, there is a way. The world has served me and my family lemons and I am determined to make lemonade. I am determined to succeed and leave behind the nightmares of my past and not them crush the dreams of my future.

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