Refugee Crisis

Artwork and Crafts at the Hope Cafe in Athens, Greece

In the heart of Athens, Greece in a neighborhood called Kypseli is the Hope Cafe, started by an amazing woman named Kerrie. At the Hope Cafe, hundreds of refugee families are given meals daily, have a place to come and relax, and are provided with new clothes and supplies. We were so inspired by the dedication and passion of the volunteers and loved being a part of their team.

While the parents collected the food and clothes, we would entertain the children by doing fun crafts, games, and activities. We did many fun art projects with the kids and they loved drawing and creating things. Many of the children we met were still living in squats around Athens and were still waiting to move up to another European country to start their new lives. 

The kids favorite craft was making animals out of paper plates! They created all sorts of colorful jellyfish, fish, cats, and other animals. As we colored, we taught them words in English and Greek as they taught us the words in Arabic and Farsi – it was such a beautiful exchange of cultures and languages. 

Adorable jellyfish!



We loved volunteering at the Hope Cafe and they are doing amazing work in Athens! So many families depend on them to get their meals and their impact is felt throughout the community. To donate and help provide meals for refugee families at the Hope Cafe CLICK HERE.

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